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Become the greatest Archer in Starlit universe!

Play with your favorite characters and enjoy the story-line from the universe introduced by the award-winning game Starlit Adventures.

Starlit Adventures by Rockhead Games is an original adventure game for all ages, featuring clever controls especially designed for touch screens. It presents a fantasy universe full of adorable characters, beautiful visuals and a wide range of gameplay mechanics that deliver a console experience on mobile platforms.



in battles with other online players!

are your keys to victory!

to defeat your opponent!

to be beaten in special challenges!

on the ranks to compete in multiple cup tournaments!

each with their own levels and challenges!

to complete your collection!

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Discover Starlit Adventures!

Go on an epic adventure that will have you explore fantastic worlds, fight incredible bosses, collect dazzling treasures, and solve brain-teasing puzzles using an array of Special Suits to find and return the stars that were stolen from the sky!
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